Impinger Low Profile (1600 Series)- Gas

Stackable 3 high for incredible baking capacity and flexibility.

1600-1: Single Stack Easy Order Package

1600-2: Double Stack Easy Order Package

1600-3: Triple Stack Easy Order Package

The Impinger Low Profile puts the capacity of the Impinger I in a shorter frame that can be stacked three (3) high. Individually, each oven boasts a 32" (813MM) wide conveyor belt and 40" (1016mm) baking chamber for high-capacity needs. Triple-stacked, it puts incredible baking capacity and flexibility in a modest amount of space. The Low Profile is available in gas or electric models.

        fastbake conveyor pizza oven


New FastBake Technology designed to bake up to 30% faster than other conveyor ovens without increased noise levels or loss of product quality.


The Low Profile features a dual heating system for maximized cooking efficiency. Conveyor cooking means that your products will come out looking their best everytime!

Support through the RAK and Manitowoc Star Service

Providing one of the highest levels of culinary support in the industry, Lincoln's Culinary Center helps customers improve the operations. Our service support, Manitowoc Star Service, is also unmatched in the industry.

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Impinger Low Profile Conveyor Pizza Oven (1600 Series)- Gas

Stackable 3 high for incredible baking capacity and flexibility.

Width x Depth x Height 80" x 601/2" x 441/8"
(203.20 cm x 153.67 cm x 112.08 cm)
Weight 850 lb (385.5600 kg)
Power Input Type Gas
Power Output 110000  BTUs
Certifications CSA NSF CE

NOTE: Certifications may differ with various options available for this product. Please check Technical Specifications tab for additional information.


  • Must perform Start-Up/Check-Out by authorized Manitowoc STAR Service Agent prior to use for warranty implementation.
  • Recommended installation by authorized Manitowoc STAR Service Agent.

High Stand with Casters for Single Oven

Low Stand with Casters for Multiple Ovens

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