FastBake Impinger Conveyor Pizza Oven

FastBake Impinger Conveyor Pizza Oven

Bake Faster, Bake Better with New FastBake™ Technology

Impinger TripleThe Winner of the 2007 Kitchen Innovations Award, the Lincoln Impinger Conveyor Ovens with the new patent-pending FastBake Technology increase output, reduce cooktime and reduce utility costs. Using the latest advancements in air impingement technology, quality food pleases hungry customers within a reduced bake time.

Performance you can see

Higher level of heat transfer to food reduces the bake times as much as 15 to 30%. With minutes off your bake times, you can increase capacity to meet the high demands. Using Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, our designers know that FastBake transfers heat more efficiently resulting in a faster and better quality bake (see our FastBake Presentation for more information). It’s possible to increase your capacity as much as 30%, as one pizza operator estimated a potential sales increase of per night with FastBake compared to conventional impingement models.



Quality you can taste

FastBake™ Technology in conveyor pizza ovens accelerates the rate of heat transfer resulting in significantly improved baking quality. Gum lines are eliminated and vegetable toppings are hot and crisp without leaving water on the cheese. In addition, FastBake is more tolerant to differences between products.  The result is that a greater variety of products come out perfectly baked. See what AIB's "Dough Doctor" had to say about quality baking with FastBake

Energy and noise reductions you can hear

Air is moved in a more targeted fashion with Fastbake – air is channeled in the most concentrated way to use less energy and  provide more capacity. Decrease the bake time of your pizza oven and use less energy without increasing the noise pollution in your kitchen. FastBake technology actually decreases the dBA of a standard Impinger by almost 3 dBA. 

Time savings you can use

When you’re trying to serve your customer fast, you don’t want to worry about a complex cooking system. The digital controls have a single on/off power switch and the improved view vacuum florescent readout displays set temperatures in degrees  (F° or C). A microprocessor controls bake time/conveyor speed, and all settings are automatically locked out to eliminate accidental changes. And to reduce your time at the end of the day, the ovens are built for easy cleaning with a front door and removable conveyor and removal of finger assemblies.