FastBake Impinger Conveyor Pizza Oven

FastBake™ Impinger Conveyor Oven Features

airflow technology

  • Cuts bake times by 15-30% while maintaining or improving the quality of the bake
  • Decreases the time your customers have to wait for their order
  • Increases your ability to handle more customers in the same amount of time

Advanced air

  • Enhances bake quality and uniformity
  • Improves quality of food no matter what the toppings
  • Gives pizza crust a better snap, improves dough structure at the interface, and crisps the vegetables without making the pizza soggy

Dual heating systems for
maximized cooking efficiency

  • Reduces operation costs
  • Provides the capacity of larger pizza ovens but uses less energy

Low decibel rating

  • Decreases noise pollution in the kitchen
  • Decreases the dBA of a standard Impinger by almost 3 dBA

Fits in any size kitchen

  • Stacks up to three oven cavities high (or two oven cavities high for the 1400 Series) to increase capacity without taking up space
  • Achieves the capacity of a competitive 3255 using a 3240 platform that is 26% smaller
  • Fits in any kitchen design with stainless steel top, front and sides

Research and
applications support

  • Get support for continued operational success
  • Receive Oven Start-Up/Check-Out by Enodis Star service agent included in the price
  • Enjoy the commitment of Enodis Star service support for ongoing satisfaction

Optional features

  • Entry and exit shelves
  • Flexible gas connector
  • Cleaning kit (#1050)