Manitowoc's High Performance Kitchen group solves "less space, higher production" conundrum for Brinker Restaurants October 27, 2009

Brinker International, one of the world’s leading casual dining restaurant companies, recently found out that sometimes the best location for a new restaurant is in a neighborhood strip mall, offering less space, but more convenience for the customer. With less space available, every square inch of a kitchen must be optimized to deliver operational effectiveness and efficiency. For Brinker and their On the Border restaurants, it meant reinventing the product manufacturing process to accommodate a smaller floor plan.

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Impinger® II Express with FastBake™ Technology Provides 24/7 Service March 18, 2009

For Executive Chef Richard Fisher of Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel in Minneapolis, speed and reliability are requirements, not options. So when choosing a high-efficiency, high-volume conveyor oven, he sought out the Impinger II Express with its FastBake technology.

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FastBake Technology Increases Speed, Quality, and Quantity September 19, 2008

In early 2008, Pizza Pirate, a well-established San Francisco-area pizzeria, celebrated its 36th year of business by “rolling back” the price of a medium pizza to the 1972 price of $3.79 as an anniversary promotion. The event was so successful that the kitchen prepared and served a total of 1,650 pizzas on Tuesday alone! Advanced planning helped; the existing ovens were retrofitted with Lincoln’s FastBake Technology to accommodate the increased demand.

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Deck Oven Bake in a Conveyor Oven June 28, 2007

A new technology for the "quality-conscious"

It is easy to see why people love pizza cooked in a deck oven; that crispy crust is simply out of this world! We don’t mind waiting the extra 15 minutes it takes to bake. We like to watch the experienced hands of the pizza guy as he turns the pie every so often to get just the right amount of heat on each side. If we ask, he’ll gladly give us a story of each and every oven burn mark on his arm or point out the hot and cold spots within each oven.

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FastBake wins the 2007 Kitchen Innovations Award June 25, 2007

For the third year in a row, Lincoln Foodservice Products has been recognized by the National Restaurant Association as a leader in foodservice equipment innovation with the 2007 Kitchen Innovation Award. The competition, judged by an independent panel of industry experts, recognizes trend-setting kitchen equipment thought to be among the most innovative in the world. All winners were showcased with live interactive demonstrations in the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion during the National Restaurant Show in May 2007.

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Avalanche Pizza uses FastBake January 19, 2007

As far as pizza shops go, we are in a unique niche. Deep dish pans, 42 toppings, cheapest prices and highest volume. It has always been a constant struggle for us to maintain the volume while holding true to the quality that won us our awards. While the speed and capacity of our ovens is a huge factor to our bottom line, we would never settle for making a lesser product faster. If adding ten minutes to our bake time meant a better pizza, we would do it.

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Speed is the secret ingredient in world-class pizza December 5, 2006

Lincoln Impinger® ovens help pizza legend keep up with demand.

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