Enhanced Sanitation Solutions

Easy, Food Safe, High Temperature Cooking

For almost 40 years, Lincoln has been providing NSF compliant cooking products to the global foodservice industry. Food safety and sanitation are always our top priorities. So in these troubling times, Lincoln is ready to help support you and your customers with safe, reliable and easy to clean products, now and for many years to come.

Lincoln air impinger ovens are designed to operate at high temperatures up to 600°F (315°C) which will ensure that your food is cooked safely*. Easy to Use controls allow you to pre-set menus. Food contact is minimized as the conveyor transports automatically the food through the oven cavity without operator interaction. The proper use of tools, ensures a "touch free" transfer to take out containers or serving dishes.   

*Always ensure that food is cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 165°F.
Easy, Food Safe, High Temperature Cooking

Enhanced Sanitation through Built In Features 

High Heat cooking

Easy to use controls

Lincoln has the widest offering of enhanced sanitation solutions built into their impinger ovens. 

High temperature cooking 
High heat cooking ensures food safety. There is no need for human contact with the food after preparation and cooking with a Lincoln oven.

easy to use controls 
All Lincoln ovens are equipped with easy to use digital controls. Pre-programmed menus and recipes minimize operator touches and many menu items can be cooked with the same oven settings. Just turn on the oven and the conveyor will start moving. Once the oven reaches the set temperature, you are ready for cooking!

easy to clean stainless steel 
All Lincoln ovens have been evaluated and are compliant to the pertinent NSF standards. The use of premium stainless steel for exteriors and key components is ideal for keeping your oven clean and germ free. Our Lincoln Oven cleaner and Protector will help clean and protect your ovens for safe and reliable long life. Alternatively, a mild antibacterial soap and water can be used to clean both exterior and interior surfaces of your oven.

High Heat Cooking


Enhanced Sanitation through Add On Features 

Entry and Exit Shelves
Entry and Exit Shelves ​
Optional shelves can be used at the entry and exit of our Lincoln ovens to help load food onto the conveyor and hold food at the exit of the oven cavity. This allows Operators to load multiple food orders at one time, minimizing food contact.
Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning Chemicals
It has never been more important to regularly clean your kitchen equipment, the Lincoln impinger oven should be cleaned every day. We have formulated a nonabrasive cleaning chemical and if used regularly it will quickly cut through any grease or food debris built up on your Lincoln oven. 

Enhanced Sanitation through Best Practices  

Shutdown and Restarting Procedures - 

 Shutting down and restarting an impinger oven

Please refer to guidelines outlined in each specific product manual for detailed instructions.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Resources:

Lincoln Oven Cleaner and Lincoln Oven Protector are a safe and effective way to keep your Lincoln oven clean and looking new for years to come.
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Enhanced Sanitation through Quick Ship Program  

Lincoln ovens and accessories are available for immediate shipment via our network of stocking distributors. (US and Canada only).

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Lincoln 1400 & 1600 Daily Cleaning

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